The Timor Leste Vision (TLV) team is very excited to announce that one of our Scholarship Program Students Joao de Deus recently graduated from university.

Joao de Deus is one of TLV’s original scholarship students and has been supported financially since 2005.

Joao is one of 10 children and comes from the regional village of Haupu which is located in the sub-district of Lete-foho, Ermera. TLV offered Joao the scholarship because of he was ranked as one of the best performing students of his Junior High School at the time of his graduation.

Thanks to his amazing sponsors, TLV was able to fund Joao’s Senior High School studies at the Sacred Heart College in Dili and then the Dili Institute of Technology where he maintained an excellent academic record.

Joao’s goal for the future has always been ‘to work to develop his country’, so it’s very appropriate that he studied construction at university! Immediately after graduation, Joao started working in the construction industry which is also very exciting news!!!

TLV commenced the Scholarship Program in 2005 following a request for assistance from the Lete-Foho community. Lete-foho is only around 70kms from Dili but it can take over three hours by vehicle due to poor roads especially during wet season.

TLV’s founding committee members travelled to Lete-foho as students with the University of Notre Dame in 2004 and 2005. During these trips, we asked several community leaders how we could assist once we return to Australia.

We learnt that there was no secondary school and as a result only 6% of boys and 4% of girls from the Lete-foho area had the opportunity to complete senior high school by moving to Dili which for the vast majority is not affordable.

In response to this, TLV commenced it’s Scholarship Program to help provide life-changing opportunities for promising students in rural areas of Timor. In it’s first year, TLV offered the top 2 female and 2 male students full scholarships to attend the Secondary High School of their choice in Dili.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors (which range from individuals, organisations, schools, clubs and church groups), TLV has been able to support regional students to access the best education the country has to offer.

For those who are interested in supporting this program, TLV actually has a student Tome, currently needing sponsorship.

At a cost of less than $2 a day, individuals or organisations can change a student’s life. TLV has worked hard to ensure that 100% of funds donated goes towards supporting your individual student and the scholarship program.

If you would like more information on our students or projects, please contact the TLV team on