In 2016, Timor Leste Vision in Timor Leste began the formal process which will see it established as proper not-for-profit organization under Timor-Leste Laws. This is an exciting development for Timor Leste Vision as an organization, as well as those dedicated members from Timor Leste and Australia. In the context of furthering the Objects of the organization in Timor Leste, the establishment of Timor Leste Vision in Timor Leste under Timor Leste legal framework will enable strengthening of current works.

The start of 2017 saw the continuation of Funar Project, a remote area in Timor Leste, which is well underway from 2016, providing clean water to communities as well as basic sanitation to schools in the area. As new development in the education scope, both TLV in Timor Leste and TLV in Australia are extremely excited about the introduction of Sister School Program in our existing education program. Sister School Program will connect an Australian School and a Timorese School where positive exchanges among students are expected to result and resources sharing from Australian School are expected to bridge the gap in a Timorese School, as basic resources are badly needed in most of Timorese Schools.

Timor Leste, a new country, is a country of good-hearted and courageous people. Its people have seen countless wars and conflict and have been negatively affected by those events. In the process of development, the country started from zero, as basic infrastructures were burned to the ground when the Indonesian Army left the country in 1999. Since then, the country has seen little progress in meeting the basic needs of its populations, as its leaders are trying to grapple with countless other emerging issues that the new country is facing.

I am a Timorese and I have experienced the many difficulties myself and I have seen many other Timorese families, children, adults facing the same problems as well, i.e. meeting basic needs to water and sanitation is a constant struggle to many Timorese families around the country.

I have been involved with Timor Leste Vision since I was still a student, years back in Western Australia. I had come to know good and generous people working for the cause of Timor Leste and its people tirelessly. I have come to see their work as noble and worthy. When I graduated and returned to my homeland, I was not reluctant to join the Organization when asked to by TLV then Chair, our good heart and generous Mana Louise Pollard.

When time came, all see the need for a Timor Leste Vision establishment in Timor Leste and again I was not reluctant when asked to be TLV Timor Chair, a role I accepted with humility. Timor Leste Vision in Timor Leste is composed of many young and bright talents who share the Object of the Organization, many of whom did their studies and came to know TLV in Australia. They now return to Timor Leste and are excited to be part of the noble works that TLV is carrying and have been committing their time and energy for the works.

I see years to come with a hope that we can work together for something greater than ourselves. The people here in Timor Leste need every help they can get that their friends in Australia can give and TLV with its Objects and Principles, is in the right time and the path to help alleviate the distress the Timorese are experiencing.

You see, when a dollar is given for the cause by your generous contribution, it is the same one dollar that will go toward the works you supported, as all TLV members here in Timor Leste and Perth are volunteers, contributing their talent, time and energy for a better Timor Leste.
We look forward to working with you all and thank you for your   support during these times that have seen communities in Timor Leste’s rural areas have access to clean water and basic sanitations.

And I look forward to working with TLV Perth Chair, Mana Jess V… the upcoming fruitful years ahead.

Abel da Costa
TLV Timor Leste’s Chair